Press Release – Morrice Transportation shows driver appreciation and gratitude with significant wage increase!

Morrice Transportation has announced that as of January 1st, 2018 our over-the-road drivers will see a significant wage increase in the company pay package to show company appreciation and gratitude. These increases are extended to seasoned and new drivers alike and have received a very positive response from both company drivers and new applicants.

“I have had multiple drivers call to ask me about the raise, and are ecstatic to hear that most drivers will be seeing a 5 cents a mile increase to their base wage alone, on top of which our current accessorial pay and bonuses are factored in,” said Amanda Matalik, Human Resources Manager. “As I have told our drivers, Morrice appreciates the hard work that our drivers commit to every day in order to make operations run smoothly, and hope that their dedication will continue as we grow and expand in the new year.”

Morrice Transportation is a family-owned business in operation since 1991. They offer company benefits and monthly safety and performance bonuses on top of the upcoming wage increase.

“We strive to promote an atmosphere that celebrates the efforts of our team as a whole and emphasizes respect and company loyalty,” said Matalik. “For more details visit the Morrice Transportation company Facebook page, or contact us through”