Morrice Cares

Morrice Transportation is committed not only to our clients, but to the communities that enable and support our success. We believe that it is only through proactive participation by individuals and companies that change can be had for the less fortunate, and as such we take advantage of multiple opportunities to be of service to our surrounding communities.

Trucks For Change Network

Morrice Transportation is a member of the Trucks For Change Network, a not for profit group of leading highway carriers from across Canada who believe in supporting communities with in-kind transportation services when we are able to do so. We have a history of supporting the communities that enable our success. As a Trucks For Change Network Member, we are able to match our available truck capacity with the freight needs of charitable organizations such as Food Banks Canada, Habitat For Humanity Canada, Canadian Red Cross, and others. You can learn more about this program by visiting, and keep your eye out for updates on our community support!

Windsor & Essex County Food Bank Association

Windsor & Essex County Food Bank Association

“The Windsor and Essex Food Bank Association continues to support the work of its members to provide and distribute emergency food. This aim is to achieve an immediate response to hunger by securing and distributing nutritional food and supporting long-term solutions to food security. In 2010 the Windsor and Essex Food Bank Association serviced 233,000 clients and of those were 90,145 children. Without the support of Morrice Transportation this would not have been possible.We have been offered nutritional products that needed to be picked up in Toronto and we had no way to get these food products. Morrice Transportation came to the rescue on several occasions by picking up the food and bringing it to the hub at the Unemployed Help Centre. This was made possible by you and you made it known that you were just a phone call away. We would like to thank you for the partnership and ongoing support you have provided to the Windsor Essex Food Bank Association. You and your staff have worked endless hours to ensure the most vulnerable in our Community are not forgotten about. You have made a positive impact on the community by your extraordinary efforts and passion to help others. I feel that you will always continue to ensure Morrice Transportation does all it can to change lives of the less fortunate in the Windsor and Essex County area.”


June Muir
President Windsor Essex County Food Bank Association