Morrice Transportation has been providing competitive, efficient and professional truckload services since 1991. We have temperature controlled, dry van, and specialty equipment including drop frames, tridems, flatbeds and other specialty equipment to handle transportation requirements of any kind. We provide dependable truckload service to all of Canada and the United States and can work with you to accommodate any specific requirements you may have to develop an efficient solution that will provide on-time delivery at competitive rates.

Truckload Service Map

Truckload Service Map

Truckload Overview

  • 24/7 Operation
  • 53ft Air Ride Trailers
  • Two-Way Satellite Tracking
  • Team Service
  • Coast to Coast Service
  • Dedicated Contract Services Available
  • Irregular Routes Available
  • In-house customs management
  • FAST / CTPAT / CSA Approved
  • ISO 9002 Certified
  • Hazardous Goods Certified
  • US & Canadian Bonded


Morrice Transportation has been keeping our clients On The Road to Success by providing a single dependable source for freight including LTL or “Less Than Truckload” service to both Canada and the United States. We can work with you to accommodate specific requirements you may have to develop an efficient solution that will provide on-time delivery at competitive rates. We provide daily service to Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio as well as 2-3 day service to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York.

LTL Service Map

Less Than Truckload Coverage Map (LTL)

LTL Overview

  • 24/7 Operation
  • Modern & Reliable Fleet
  • Air Ride Trailers
  • Same Day / Next Day Services
  • US & Canadian Bonded
  • Two-Way Satellite Tracking
  • ISO 9002 Certified
  • Hazardous Goods Certified
  • Dedicated Logistics Professionals available to handle inquiries

As customs regulations strengthen each year, border crossings become increasingly difficult and the risk of significant delays at the border increases. We have the expertise necessary to avoid such delays and smoothly transition your freight from Canada to USA and from USA to Canada. We can simplify border crossing to one single phone call, providing you with a single point of contact, a single service, a single bill, and the assurance that your freight will arrive on-time and intact.

Ambassador Bridge - Cross Border Transport Welcome to Canada - Cross Border Transport

Cross Border Transport Overview

  • Avoid lengthy border delays.
  • Avoid expensive fines from improper paperwork.
  • Increased Security – Morrice Transportation’s entire fleet is tracked by satellite.


Morrice Transportation offers complete cross docking service that reduces handling and storage costs for our customers, while at the same time improving turnaround speed and lowering transportation costs. We can load your shipment into our trailers from rail, air and other transportation methods and unload the shipment directly at the destination with little or no storage in between.

Dock 30 Bays

Cross Docking Overview

  • Decrease turnaround time
  • Lower transportation costs
  • 30 Docks
  • Close to US Border (Windsor, Ontario)


Morrice Transportation’s specialists are fully equipped and experienced to deal with hazardous material shipments. Our staff also can prepare your paperwork and verify that your hazardous materials are transported properly to avoid potential fines from improper paperwork. We can work with specific requirements to meet your delivery schedule on-time and safely, and provide solutions for unique circumstances as necessary.

Morrice Transportation can safely transport:

Flammeable LiquidsFlammable Liquids

Flammeable GasFlammable Gas



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